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Our Services


Note: All our offers are free of charge and, if desired, anonymous. 

Our services are available to students who are looking for help to improve their academic performance and to cope with problems they encounter during their years at the university.

We provide assistance to those interested in pursuing university studies or other post-secondary education and help them find the right program. In addition, we provide a range of information to help make well-founded education and career choices.

When you first come to see us at one of our Counseling Centers, you will start with an in-depth conversation with one of our counselors. Together, you will decide which kind of support will be the best choice to help you reach your goal.

If you are in the process of switching to a new program or choosing a program, we will probably recommend taking some tests in addition to relying on our counseling services. Depending on your needs, we might also suggest you attend one of our group sessions to help you improve your academic performance, your communication skills or your ability to relax. 

In our work, we rely on methods commonly used in Austria and we always strive to find the best option to address your challenges and help you solve them. The underlying principle is that we will enable you to help yourself. 

Even though we have limited resources, we do our very best to get you an appointment as soon as possible.  

Our Counseling Centers are also open during university breaks!