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The „C“ and the Psyche – Living in times oft he Corona crisis

It is what it is.

So now we are living with the „C“. The „C“, this tiny invisible thing, has somehow managed to turn our lives upside down. We are afraid. The „C“ brings a lot of harm, pain, despair, powerlessness, disease and death. Basically, we cannot capture what is happening at the moment.

At the same time, there is something else: We help each other, discover new skills or are relieved that we are not the only ones being at home alone feeling isolated and sad.


What should we do now? How can we cope with this situation? The best way ist o first be attentive to yourself and your feelings.
No matter how you are feeling, in which mood you are: Everything is ok to be here at the moment. You do not have to know the reasons. You do not have to solve anything or erase what you feel. It is enough to realize it.
Perhaps it helps to name those feelings briefly, then let them be again and return to your daily life.


You can deal with your thoughts in the same way. Try to realize when you lose yourself in worries, concerns and negative thoughts. This is nothing unusual, it is a normal reaction to stress and pressure. Only, it is not necessary and does not help you.
So, if you realize you are lost in these thoughts, tell them actively to „Stop“. You do not have to pursue any of them or think them through (there is no end anyway). You may interrupt them and turn back to more important things.


And the most important thing of all: Be kind with yourself. If everything gets too much, seek help. Talk to friends, family members, peers – or contact us. We are available for you, no matter about what you want to talk to us.