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Dealing with Corona overview


A new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is concerning us all as it is globally prevalent and may cause a disease called COVID-2019. Media only refer to it as „Corona“ now, talking not solely about virus and diesease themselves, but also about all social defence reactions and measures, such as national orders regarding distance during social contacts and limitaitions of public life ressembling a kind of „shutdown“, the reduction of all activities to a minimum.

These completely unknown and new situation presents us with likewise challenges, especially in the university and student life. In this section, you’ll find some short texts and videos with suggestions and information that is supposed to support you in coping with the exceptional situation. They currently complement all the other contributions with which we support students with their concerns and problems on our homepage. Of course, they are also recommendable for a more expansive processing with these issues in this situation.


Tipps from the PSB

I. Living in times of the Corona crisis
II. Learning in times of the shutdown
III. Choose a course despite Corona
IV. Writing despite Corona
V. Relax during learning breakes
VI. Studying during self-isolation


Tips from the Universities

I. Tips from the Faculty of Psychology of the Uni Wien:
II. Tips from the Johannes Kepler University Linz