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Learning in times of the Shutdown

One could think these are ideal for learning: no classes, no leisure activities, few social contacts, often work is shut down as well. And yet: There is little progress in learning, and you feel exhausted.

What is the problem?

These times are a strain to the psyche for all of us, there are lots of anxieties and insecurities. The shutdown leads tot he almost complete loss of daily routines and structures. In that case, it seems as if everything was possible and yet, little happens. The exhaustion results from the inability to relax, as you could always be prepared to work.

What is to do?

Substitute all external structures by your own, internal ones that you set up yourself.

  • Create a day structure. This leads to a separation of work and leisure time. Precise times für getting up, going to bed, meals, learning and leisure provide security and circumstances that make more possible.
  • Plan your time! The goal is to fulfil set tasks within this created structure. The preciser you plan, the better you can stick to it. So, not: „I‘ll read this book sometime today!“, but „Today I’ll learn pages 1-15 from 10am to noon, then I’ll take a break till 2pm and continue with a repetition till 3pm, then…“
  • Make realistic plans! Set yourself tasks you can fulfil, and increase the amount slowly. Manageable tasks lead to success which, in turn, increases the motivation to continue.
  • Also plan your leisure time! It is important for relaxation and regeneration. Do what makes you feel good!

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