Psychologische Studierendenberatung Österreich

Personal Issues

Roughly every 4th advice-seeking student comes to the Psychological Counseling Centers because of personal problems. Difficulties with contact to other students or teachers/lecturers, family conflicts, fears or personal crises, usually have a negative effect on study success.

How do you deal with your problems?

  • Do you seek advice from friends/your family?
  • Do you cause distress for others and insist they should help you?
  • Do you distract yourself with other activities?
  • Do you always try to achieve more and more in order to feel better about yourself?
  • Do you search for the causes of your difficulties in order to learn from your mistakes?
  • Do you seek help from experts?


We recommend professional help if ...

  • ...your ability to work and your quality of life as a result of mental overload is considerably impaired.
  • are so blocked by fears, depressive feelings or relationship problems that it is hard for you to cope on a day to day basis.
  • ...the same problems keep coming up and you feel unable to control/cope with them alone.


Getting help?

Seeing a Psychologist or Psychotherapist often costs an effort as there are lots of preconceptions and fears surrounding it, such as:

  •  Whoever goes to see a Psychologist is not normal.
  •  Whoever can´t help themselves in crises is a failure.
  •  It is embarrassing to confide in a stranger with your most personal problems.

But it is completely ok to have problems and it is appropriate to do something about them. Seeking (professional) help is a sign of strength.

If you ...

  • ...would like to clarify questions and uncertainties,...
  • ...would like to discuss your problems in the most effective way possible,....
  • ...are not satisfied with yourself and would like to develop your personality further,...
  • ...have had enough of being stuck in a crisis for an unnecessarily long time,...
  • ...would like to procure help towards self-help... can obtain support from experts in order to learn to be able to cope better with problems and to foster self-development.