Psychologische Studierendenberatung Österreich

Our Offer


Note: All our offers are free of charge and, if desired, anonymous.


With our services, we support students with improving their competencies to accomplish their studies and to cope with problems occurring during their years of study.

We assist people interested in academic studies or post-secondary education in orientation and decision-making as well as by specific information in order to enable them to make well-founded education and career choices.

By way of a telephone conversation or a first meeting, you can clarify your questions and queries regarding our services. If you desire a more extensive dialogue, you can, for the time being, have a conversation with a psychologist to clarify the most important aspects in advance. You will mutually decide on which kind of support will be most effective in supporting you to reach your goal.

If you are in the process of subject choice or change, probably tests will be suggested in addition to an advice-giving conversation. Sometimes you will be recommended to take part in one of our group sessions in order to improve your study performance, communication or relaxation abilities.

Our services comprise the most widely used methods in Austria and focus on finding options to deal with your concerns or to solve your problems. The basic principle is to empower you to help yourself.

Although our resources are limited, we strive towards keeping the waiting periods as short as possible and to organise things in an unbureaucratic way so that support can be provided quickly if needed.

The Counseling Centers are also open during holidays!