Psychologische Studierendenberatung Österreich

Course and exam accomplishment

The personal autonomy at university causes problems for some students. This new-found freedom is unfamiliar and sometimes too demanding.

Students frequently battle against some of the following issues:


Unrealistic handling of material and time planning
 ‘At the beginning of an exam, I always believe I have enough time, but it doesn’t work out like that and I never have time to revise what I have learned.’

Lack of motivation, failure in setting goals, negative expectations
 ‘I can’t bring myself to sit down and study, the matter doesn’t interest me at all, there’s no prospect of coming to an end....'


Fear of failure
‘When learning, I always think about failing at the exam, that I won’t manage it, ask myself what other people will say about it, the fear cripples me...’


Inadequate studying techniques
‘I learn material by heart for hours and when it comes to the exam I have forgotten everything... everything seems equally important to me, I can’t pick out the key points...’


Inability to concentrate
‘I have hardly started to study and am very soon thinking about other things, I welcome any little diversion...’

In order to provide students with developing efficient studying techniques, we offer both advice to individuals about how to improve performance in studying, exams and scientific work, as well as, in some cases, group training of studying skills. The latter one has the advantage that by means of mutual exchange of experiences, the level of motivation increases. Joint studying skills are acquired and exam situations are acted out as role plays.


Learning Effectively